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In a structural dynamic, each participant expresses their talents differently. Each takes the role of colleague, superior, performer, executor. In certain tasks, in certain roles, we feel at ease. In others, we feel frustrated due to our incapacity to improve communication, the relationships or to fully express our skills.

Little by little, our involvement and creativity disappear in place of conformity in the requested roles.

Some feel obliged to leave temporarily. Others mobilize their resources to antagonists objectives to society. Others become careerists even to the detriment of their health.

What behavior to adopt?

  • To prevent burn-out through the management of feelings and through the improvement of relationships

  • To develop a 100% positive attitude on solving problems

  • To develop interpersonal skills  

Workshops to learn "how to". By surfing these feelings, the excessive concerns are naturally transformed into opportunities for personal development and productivity, using personal qualities as much as functional skills.

The advantage of managing optimal performance can be seen as much at the level of productivity as on the individual's well-being.

Exposure of personality profiles, techniques of communication and management of the feelings in order to discover the multiple possibilities for the resolution of conflicts.