The energy of an object is its capacity to make something happen. 

Some kinds of information, knowledge or awarenesses also increase our capacity to make something happen. 

Energy transforms and can be transformed. 

Along the way looking inwards, some types of information alleviate our troubles through simple awareness. Information can be transformed into energy and energy can be transformed into information. When the information is not heard, it remains in its physical form. 

Whether the information is in the physical form or in a more subtle vibration, Jacqueline Ilic, attracts it and transmits it to you. These information open doors towards previously unknown levels of cognition. In this way, we recognize new approaches to reach our goals. 

The energy network which conveys this information, is as precise and meticulous as a Swiss clock. Giovanni Meneghin works on the emotional energy traffic jams of the past which have led to blocked circuits in the present. Once properly informed, our organs can resume their proper function.  

Jacqueline Ilic, Kinésiology, Mémoires Akashiques, Mechelen (Belgique), + 32 485 55 88 34 

Giovanni Meneghin, Kinésiology, Soins Esséniens, Méthode des deux points, Kinslow system, Bruxelles (Belgique), + 32 483 088 317