To choices

During life, we acquire operational mechanisms of survival. Once we have surmounted difficulties, they become useless and short-circuit our free will.

With associations of thoughts stemming from several dimensions of consciousness, a session helps us to free ourselves from historical plans both in terms of personality and soul.

This process is accessible to all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. It allows us to reclaim our internal power, as well as the chance to make free choices. 

Following our dreams, a new state of emotional balance drives our desires. By thwarting stumbling blocks, excuses, judgments, she accompanies us in finding our deepest wishes, vocations and talents. 

Aligned to our essential being, the personal growth leads us towards new possibilities in life. This intensive work gives harmony to our thoughts, which is reflected in our internal health. 


From multiplicity to unity, 

... the most beautiful stories are told with benevolence, integrity and discernment to discover the blossoming self.