Psychosomatic pains

If a physical pain arises (ex: a burn), several reactions come into play:

  • Reflex action of retreat
  • Generation of an emotion...

If a sentimental injury arises, other diverse chemical, physical and behavioral reactions are generated:

  • Tears
  • Withdrawal...

A chain of interactions comes spontaneously. 

To what extent do physical or emotional injuries create unconscious reactions along the network of my Inner Being web? 

Is it the fatigue which prevents me from having fun or achieving unpleasant tasks? Or on the contrary, it is because I do not enjoy myself, that I blame the fatigue on low spirits? According to the proverb, is it the headache that really prevents the woman from making love?

How to find the common thread to my neglected dreams and desires? What values did I forget? 


" Feelings are guides full of infinite resources"