Professional team

Everything begins with a story. Your story reveals itself in verbal or non verbal behaviour, through several ways of thinking and comprehension. To facilitate understanding confused passages of the story, we will offer you multidisciplinary skills which we have developed after considerable experience.

Nathalie Hennart

From her earliest years, Nathalie Hennart has been interested in relationships, cultures and life's pathways. This interest was quickly enriched beyond the sociocultural framework thanks to an international exchange in Costa Rica, studies in Slavic literatures and corporate finance. 

After a few years of questioning the value of T'ai chi and examining different mental attitudes, whilst working in market research she accidentally discovered the efficiency of techniques for personal growth. Two particular disciplines attracted her attention: the 3in1 concept (kinesiology) for its emotional approach and Martin Brofman's body-mirror for the perspicacity of the model of conscience harmonization. 

Fascinated by the evident simplicity of speaking to oneself, and then to others, she decided to dedicate herself to it completely. Every day, she discovered the benefits of these methods. In 2012, she created the Insights Company with the objective of making these sincere methods accessible to others. 

Studying for a university degree in natural sciences, she continues to pursue her reflections on consciousness in parallel with the wonder of the intelligence in the natural world. 

Henriette Tounkara 

Born in Marseille, of Belgo-Malian origin, Henriette is fascinated by Asia and Chinese medicine. She is always looking for integrative therapies. Kinesiology is for her, the most beautiful and most invaluable discovery.

Sporty since her childhood, figure skater, short-distance runner, she loves skipping and climbing. Her first idea was to become a physiotherapist but finally became a journalist. This satisfied her curiosity, her need to investigate, to analyze and to verify.

Having studied with Nicolette Peyre, she is delighted at the idea of being able to offer you the wonderful tools from which she has personally benefited throughout her training.

For more than 10 years, Henriette Tounkara has been training, coaching companies' staff. She joyfully accompanies people on their journey toward bigger happiness.