Who? What?

Feelings management: a playful and didactic workshop about managing feelings. How to create a powerful physical and mental partnership to live according to one’s values?

Who: Teachers, Employees, Parents, Teenagers, Curious minds.

How: Workshop

  •     Awareness of emotional behavioural patterns
  •     Dynamic feelings
  •     Subconscious emotional freedom techniques
  •     Understanding the sources of mental confusions
  •     Underlying stakes
  •     Management of worry
  •     Meanings

Time: One-day training. 

Suggested themes: on top of the presentation, a tailored theme is developed.  

Teamworking - Unplug your stress - Finding your vocation - Manage worries - Reducing absenteism - Creating your own business  – …


  • Help each of us to solve conflicts which immobilize us (divergent beliefs, blocking, stress)

  • Cultivate the feelings which make us advance.