Nobody has reached the highest summits by remaining alone. There is no society without dreams, without sharing and without cooperation.

The cooperation of equal to equal is possible only when it is applied whilst respecting the human qualities, the innate talents in the same way as the functional skills.

I believe that the human being freed from his undesired patterns, thinks freely, expresses his talents and shares his discoveries. We all have something essential to create because we all think differently about different subjects of thought. The creativity and the divine intelligence, the pillars of freedom of thought are attainable for all those who dare.

To reach these, I would like to offer you a method of managing your feelings, a know-how.

Knowing how to manage these feelings enables one to have the choices to find dignity, to discover one's talents, to know oneself, to cure, to lighten relationships, to accompany other people, to dream and to become co-creative.


Nathalie Hennart